Rubber Dance December challenge

At Rubberdance they have a fun challenge:
Well, the colours are happy ones and a change from the Christmas theme so I decided to have a go!
My card is made for new years' eve:
All the stamps come from a Swedish company called Gummiapan. The text "En stjärna är född" means A star is born, perfect for the beginning of a newborn and glittery 2018!
Gummiapan has a lot of fun stamps and texts both in English, German and Danish besides a lot in Swedish of course =)
This happy fellow really looks as if he wants to embrace the new year! I've colored him with copic pens.
The glittery dots are a background stamp I've embossed and the tiny star stamps has a cover of glitter glue.
With this card I wish you all
A Happy New Year!!!!

Postat av: Susanne - Rubber Dance

Super cool card!!! Thank you so much for joining the Rubber Dance December Challenge. xx Susanne.

2018-01-01 @ 15:02:52

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