One more - Januari Challenge att Rubber Dance Blog

Hello there!
Well, even though I had to chew on it for a while, this month colour combination really attracted me.
So this is my second take, still following the colour scheme, but this time I've added orange:
It's a birthday card but I've played a bit with two different meanings of the word får/sheep.

The wool is coloured with distress oxides and sprayed with water. For this I used some Post-It paper. I stamped the sheep and cut out the part I wanted to colour. Then I used the Post it-paper as a mask or stencil. An easy way to get the colour where you want it! FInally I added some small blue hearts.
Now it's time for some more crafting,

Rubber Dance: Januari Challenge + Gummiapans fb-skiss v 2

Hej på er!
I Gummiapans fb-grupp "Skapat med Gummiapan" är det fortsatt skissutmaningar.
För v2 ser skissen ut så här:
Jeanette Nilssons foto.
Om du gillar Gummiapans produkter är det bara att hänga på, skisser är kul!
Min tolkning blev så här:
Jag har tolkat skissen relativt nära. De lodräta linjerna har jag färgat in med distresser direkt på min kortbas. Allra först stämplade jag texten, infärgad i lite olika gröna och blå toner.
Min vågräta del symboliseras med en bit snöre.
En liten närbild. Både texter, hjärtdies och det prickiga pappret kommer från Gummiapan.
Jag deltar också med detta kort i januari månads färgutmaning hos Rubber Dance.
This month the colours are Purple, Blue and Olive Green and/or Make it Vintage.
As you can see I've followed the colour scheme.
Wish you all a great weekend,

Skissutmaning på fb: Skapa med Gummiapan

Hej där!
Medan jag otåligt väntar på att få göra mitt första blogginlägg som ny DT hos Gummiapan så passar jag på att göra ett inspirationskort efter Jeanettes skissutmaning i fb-gruppen "Skapat med gummiapan". Om du gillar att använda GA-stämplar så häng på vettjá!
Så här ser skissen för v1 ut:
Jeanette Nilssons foto.
Min tolkning med den charmiga firren blev så här:
Men visst blir man lite kär i honom, bara kolla in den sluga uppsynen!! Han är en liten piraya och du hittar honom HÄR! I vanlig ordning har jag färglagt med Copics-pennor.
Simma lugnt!
/Monica =)

Rubber Dance December challenge -a third one!

Well, one more!
This December challenge at Rubber Dance blog has really challenged me =) Here comes my third and last entry, this time I go for just the glitter part! After all, it's New Year Celebration Time tomorrow...
This time I have made a CAS, a clean and simple card. That doesn't mean it's easy to manage, not at all what I usually do. But I have a crafting friend that is a whisard when it comes to this genre and she inspires me to give it a try once in a while. Who? Well, Anna is her name but you've probably seen her as Uraanna at Instagram or Urascrap.
So here we go:
 It looks and is supposed to look simple: just a text stamp and a heartshaped dies (Yes, from Gummiapan once again).
The heartshaped dies gave me the idea of creating a supersmall shaker container. Why make it easy when you can complicate things?!
So I used some foam and after a bit of fussy cutting glued a piece of OH-plastic on top of it to create a small container.
I used some hard-grained glitter, a bit of the heavier type, since the container is so small and I didn't want all the glitter to get stucked in a corner. To get this to work I had to pour the glitter on the cardbase and adjust it according to where I wanted my container. And yes, I like to challenge both my stubbornness and my patience!
Finally a close up.
Wish you all a great last day of the year!

Rubber Dance December challenge -one more!

Hello again!
Well, I really enjoyed the combination of rose, light blue and peach for the December Challenge at Rubber Dance blog, so here comes one more entry:
I've colored circles on aquarelle paper and then stamped and glitterembossed a flower. Yes, both the colours and glitter as well =) Can't have too much glitter I think!
A close up at the glittery flower but a bit blurry I'm afraid. Well, at least you can see it's glittery.
The tag with some text says "Enjoy your day, hip hip hooray!" The last part was quite easy to understand even if you don't know Swedish I think: That means we've probably stolen that phrase...
Since I don't own any of the beautiful stamps from Rubber Dance, I've used some stamps from Gummiapan again.
If, and that's highly unlikely, but if I'm the lucky one to win, I know exactly what I will choose: the beautiful Entangled Heart stamp designed by Melina and probably some more of her fantastic designs... Also there's a supercute bunny designed by Donna...
Well, who ever wins will have a tough time choosing among all the fantastic stamps! If you haven't come across the Rubber Dance shop yet, go and check it out and you'll understand what I'm waffling about =)

Rubber Dance December challenge

At Rubberdance they have a fun challenge:
Well, the colours are happy ones and a change from the Christmas theme so I decided to have a go!
My card is made for new years' eve:
All the stamps come from a Swedish company called Gummiapan. The text "En stjärna är född" means A star is born, perfect for the beginning of a newborn and glittery 2018!
Gummiapan has a lot of fun stamps and texts both in English, German and Danish besides a lot in Swedish of course =)
This happy fellow really looks as if he wants to embrace the new year! I've colored him with copic pens.
The glittery dots are a background stamp I've embossed and the tiny star stamps has a cover of glitter glue.
With this card I wish you all
A Happy New Year!!!!

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