Topic 14: Glitter

Another fun challenge at the Paper Artsy blog, glitter this time. What is great with their challenges is that they introduce each challenge with a lot of tips and tricks. And the team keep on showing many fun ways of using glitter, you really learn a lot!
This is how my card turned out, a wintery giggeling snowman is in focus:
I've colored with copics and put him on 3D-foam to give the card a little height.
Jo with her beautiful advent calendar inspired me to emboss on chipboard. For my snowflakes I've used a pizza box, they're great for making chipboards! This one I gave a white and silver glittery embossing coat.
I love how he is giggeling! This snowflake I covered with a hologram powder. Around the striped paper I've drawn a line both with a black and a white pen, inspired by Chris. Actually, the whole card composition is inspired by Chris supercute penguin on striped background.
So thank you both for a lot of fun inspiration and a great challenge!

Postat av: Lisa-olsi

Ett fint kort med
söt snögubbe, snyggt
med ränderna :)
Ha det gott// Lisa

2017-11-22 @ 00:36:30

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