New theme at PaperArtsy: Rust

Latelly I've been very inspired by the challenge themes at Paper Artsy, they show mainly mixed media and that's not what I usually create. But maybe that's what tickles me...
Well, my take is not in the same league but it's still fun to put some mixed media influences to the cards I make. This time the challenge is abut creating rust.
From the intro the tag with a heart made by Nikki Ashton inspired me. I liked the idea of coloring a chipboard to look like some sort of rusty metal. I read about how she used different colours to build up the feeling together with rusting powder. Well, I haven't got the powder and I used the paint I had, starting with black and then adding brownish and greenish colours.
I also used fabric on my card, inspired from several of the examples shown at the blog.
Perhaps I shall tell you that this is a christmas card: God Jul means Merry Christmas!
Don't know if it looks like rust, but a sort of rusty colours at least. Nevertheless I'm quite pleased with how this first try ended even if I find it a bit too black.
Fun-to-know: for my chipboard hearts I used a pizza box, great when you want something a bit thicker but not too thick...


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