Rubber Dance December challenge -one more!

Hello again!
Well, I really enjoyed the combination of rose, light blue and peach for the December Challenge at Rubber Dance blog, so here comes one more entry:
I've colored circles on aquarelle paper and then stamped and glitterembossed a flower. Yes, both the colours and glitter as well =) Can't have too much glitter I think!
A close up at the glittery flower but a bit blurry I'm afraid. Well, at least you can see it's glittery.
The tag with some text says "Enjoy your day, hip hip hooray!" The last part was quite easy to understand even if you don't know Swedish I think: That means we've probably stolen that phrase...
Since I don't own any of the beautiful stamps from Rubber Dance, I've used some stamps from Gummiapan again.
If, and that's highly unlikely, but if I'm the lucky one to win, I know exactly what I will choose: the beautiful Entangled Heart stamp designed by Melina and probably some more of her fantastic designs... Also there's a supercute bunny designed by Donna...
Well, who ever wins will have a tough time choosing among all the fantastic stamps! If you haven't come across the Rubber Dance shop yet, go and check it out and you'll understand what I'm waffling about =)

Postat av: Susanne - Rubber Dance

Super nice card. Thank you so much for joining the Rubber Dance December Challenge. xx Susanne.

2018-01-01 @ 15:03:56
Postat av: Lisa-olsi

Fint kort i sköna färger
och tuffa blommor :)
Ha det gott // Lisa

2018-02-06 @ 04:39:38

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