PaperArtsy #18: Torn, ripped, burnt

Paper Artsy have such fun challenges and a lot to be inspired from and learn at their blog. This time the mission is to tear, crinkle and burn, well not as in starting a fire... But I managed to melt the foam tape when heating the embossing powder... Thatś what happens when you find out what to add a bit too late... But luckily no fire =)
I made a Christmas card which turned out like this:
As you can see I've torn book pages inspired by the intro to the challenge.

Between the torn book pages I put some cheese cloth just like Raquel did on her project. But first I tea dyed it like Lynne did with some lace. The Chistmas tree is crinkled, inspired by the background that Chris made.
And to finish it up I added some embossing enamel and typed God Jul/Merry Christmas at the typing machine.
Hugs n' stuf,


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