Rubber Dance December challenge -a third one!

Well, one more!
This December challenge at Rubber Dance blog has really challenged me =) Here comes my third and last entry, this time I go for just the glitter part! After all, it's New Year Celebration Time tomorrow...
This time I have made a CAS, a clean and simple card. That doesn't mean it's easy to manage, not at all what I usually do. But I have a crafting friend that is a whisard when it comes to this genre and she inspires me to give it a try once in a while. Who? Well, Anna is her name but you've probably seen her as Uraanna at Instagram or Urascrap.
So here we go:
 It looks and is supposed to look simple: just a text stamp and a heartshaped dies (Yes, from Gummiapan once again).
The heartshaped dies gave me the idea of creating a supersmall shaker container. Why make it easy when you can complicate things?!
So I used some foam and after a bit of fussy cutting glued a piece of OH-plastic on top of it to create a small container.
I used some hard-grained glitter, a bit of the heavier type, since the container is so small and I didn't want all the glitter to get stucked in a corner. To get this to work I had to pour the glitter on the cardbase and adjust it according to where I wanted my container. And yes, I like to challenge both my stubbornness and my patience!
Finally a close up.
Wish you all a great last day of the year!


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